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Companies will have the ability to create employee security groups and assign security roles to said security groups. Employees of the companies can then be assigned to groups and assume associated security roles.

Employee security groups are to be configured in the Basic Information administration section. Go to Administration > Basic Information > Security Groups tab. Add a group name and click Add.

Click the + button and select all permissions that should be added to the group. Once the permission is selected, it is removed from the list. When complete, either click Cancel or click out of the box.

To add an employee to the group, go to Administration > Employees > click on an employee name > Group Membership tab. Choose the desired group name then click Add Group.

Note: if an employee is being added for the first time, a permission must first be selected (like account representative) then the employee can be added. This permission can be removed after the employee is created, though, then the security group can be added.