Companies will have the ability to decide which fields in the asset information and asset service record are mandatory or optional. These rules are applicable to both internal and client assets.

To access the field validation rules, navigate to the 'Operation Settings' screen in the Administration section.

To learn more information about OPERATION SETTINGS, go here

Once in 'Operation Settings' click on the 'Validation Rules' tab.

Validation rules can be created for Asset information fields as well as Asset Service Record fields. Click 'Create Rule' then select which you would like to create a rule from the 'Object Type' drop-down.

Next, select which field you would like create the rule for. Once the field name is selected from the drop-down, mark the 'Is Required' or 'Is Visible' .  Once you are done, click 'Save'.

  • Is Required option does not allow the user to complete the creation or edit of an asset until the field is completed
  • Is Visible option removes the visibility of the specified field during asset creation or edit