Work Calendar

Qualer™ Work Calendar shows all work orders on a visual timeline and allows to quickly schedule orders, assign employees to order and reserve tools. It also highlights scheduling conflicts for people and tool reservations. 

Exposing the key features of the main Work Orders screen, the new work calendar provides users with a graphical view of the work schedule, scheduled employees as well as the tools needed for those work orders.

Searching, Filtering and Viewing Specific Work Order Details

Work Order Panels

The order panels in the calendar view represents a date/time reservation slot for a particular order. It contains work order number, name of the client company followed by assigned people and tools. Clicking on the order panel selects it by displaying an outline around it. Selected order is immediately displayed in the right pane ready for any updates.

Scheduling vs Fulfillment Display Color

Work orders in Scheduling status are displayed with light orange background. Once the order is moved to Fulfillment status (or any other status), it is considered scheduled and is displayed with light blue background.

Updating Work Order

The right pane is dedicated to a single work order update. If the scheduled dates are modified, the updated information will reflect on the calendar view and the calendar view should change to the week of the order start date.

Bottom sections of the right pane display people and tools that are assigned to the work order and allow users to assign/unassign other people or tools.

The left pane has 3 modes – Orders, People and Tools. Each mode has a slightly different function allowing users to work with orders, technicians and reference standards respectively.

Orders Mode

It is possible to search for work orders by order number or company name. Clicking on and order will bring it to into  view the far right panel so that key order details come into view and the work order can be scheduled.

People Mode

In this view, the left pane changes to the list of people grouped by role. 


People can be filtered by role or by typing in a name. The green button on the right of the name allows to add a person to the currently selected order in the calendar view. If the person is already assigned, the button becomes disabled/white. If the person has time collision with the currently selected order, or unavailable for some other reason, the button turns red. Clicking on the button still allows to add the person, but it remains marked with a warning icon.

Clicking on the warning icon in the order panel reveals the reasons for the warning.

In this example, Alex Spector is marked with a warning because he has an overlapping work order assignment.


Tools Mode

In this view, the left pane changes to the list of tools grouped by product category.


Any one tool can be selected in the left pane. If a tool is selected, the calendar view will also display the reserved time that is not linked to any work order. This may include other reservations, calibration certificate expiration or unavailability of the tool due to it being in an open service request.

The “Reserve / Block Out” button brings up a popup window, where a reservation can be made for the tool manually.


Selected tool can be added to any visible work order with a single click. A red warning icon will appear next to the name of the tool in the following cases:

  1. There is a tool reservation that overlaps fully or partially with the order scheduled date and time
  2. There is a different work order with the same tool that overlaps fully or partially with the current order’s scheduled date and time
  3. A tool’s certificate is expiring during the work order scheduled date/time.