Qualer's Change Control Management has been extended to asset service records so asset owners can manage changes to service information about their assets.


All changes to asset service events are free and open.


Changes are instant, but the time, date, and user identity is logged in a local audit trail.

Logged + Reason

Users may update service records, but are required to provide an explanation of the change that is stored in the local audit trail.


Users may suggest edits to records, but these are not affected until review and approval is conducted.

Gates + Reason

Users may suggest edits to records but are required to enter a reason for the change. Both the change, and the explanation must be reviewed prior to the change going into effect. All data is stored in the local audit trail.

The system supports multiple Change Control policies for both internal users and Vendors. These may be configured with unique policies for each field in the service record.

More about Change Control Management isĀ here