Feature ID: 39695

Feature Description: Fulfillment UI Improvements

Use Case: 

We made several important improvements to the fulfillment interface based on our customers’ feedback:

All panels are now collapsible, which also allows to hide parts of the information when technician tablet is given to the client for signature.

Checklists are expanded to allow in-line custom entry fields.

Subcontractor order status and pass/fail information is now displayed in the main order so that QA person can instantly see when subcontracted work is completed.

Automatic tool pre-selection is now possible based on user-defined rules and conditions linked to service levels, asset types, value ranges, specific clients and so on.

Tools and reference standards are now displayed in a separate panel and it is possible to select and add multiple tools at once.

 You can learn more about the work order process here: "Processing a Work Order"


Collapsible Panels

Panels throughout the fulfillment UI can now be collapsed by users.

Reference Standard Updates

In the ‘Labels & Reports’ section of the fulfillment UI you can now view and select Reference Standards being used for calibration.

Users can select more than one reference standard through the new ‘Multi-Select’ button.

There isan added column for ‘Certificates’ that displays links to the most recent calibration certificates of the Reference Standards used. 

Custom Entry Fields in Checklists

Users have the ability to define and display more fields on the checklist form that are configured at the Service Level.

To configure the custom entry fields for checklist, click Administration then click Service Capabilities. Click into the Service Capability you would like to add the check list for.

Click the‘Tasks & Checklists’ tab and add a task. The ‘+’ next to the name field is how the user adds the custom entry field.

The available types of custom entry fields are:

• Integer - an integer value

• Double - a floating point value

• String - a string of characters with a limit of 100 characters. The width of the text-box should accommodate 20 characters.

• Boolean - a checkbox

• Date - any date

• Date Time - date and time control

• List - a drop down list with choices. (when setting up list include "|" as a deliminator for each item in the drop-down) 

Subcontractor Order Status

The order status and subcontracted vendor are now displayed in the main work order.


Thesubcontracted status can also be seen in the ‘Labels & Reports’ section of the Order Detail View.