Feature ID: 38536

Feature Description: New Client and Vendor Management Options

Use Case: As companies’ relationships change with their vendors and/or customers they require the ability to update the relationship status on Qualer. To support this, we now allow:


    •  Deletion/deactivation of vendors

    •  Hiding/deleting of clients

    •  Manage client relationships through new filters

Deletion/Deactivation of Vendors

Hover over Assets

Click Manage Vendors

Click on the vendor name that needs to be deactivated or deleted. Click the checkbox to mark the vendor as inactive so they will no longer be an option for service. Click Delete to remove the vendor entirely.

Hiding/Deleting of Clients

*This is a "Feature Updates" article. If you need to get actual instructions, please go to the "Remove / Hide client"

Hover over Service

Click Manage Clients

In the TOOLBOX section you will see a new action item titled ‘Remove Clients’. Select the clients you would like to delete or hide by clicking the check mark next to the client name. Once the client is selected, click ‘Remove Clients’. A pop-up window will appear and give the user the option to permanently delete or hide the client.

If a user wishes to permanently delete a client, the ‘Remove Permanently’ action should be selected. NOTE: this action cannot be reversed once completed.

If ‘Mark As Hidden’ is selected, the Client Status will be updated to ‘Hidden’ and the client will be moved to the ‘Hidden’ grouping to the left of the screen.

If the user wants to reactivate a hidden client, the Client Status must be updated. Navigate to the client page you would like to reactivate. Click into the ‘Account’ tab. Under ‘Company Information’, update the status to ‘Approved’.

New Client Filters

Additional client statuses have been added to the ‘Company Information’ screen within ‘Manage Clients’ – Prospect and Hidden.

Vendors can now filter out prospective clients into their own category. Once a ‘Prospect’ becomes a full client, update the client status to ‘Approved’.