Feature ID: 36167

Feature Description: Asset information improvements 

Use Case:  Vendors working on assets will benefit due to access to additional asset information with the work order fulfillment screen. The additional information available includes:

1. Ability to view past asset service history along with public and private service notes.

2. Ability to view and edit asset and product attributes

3. Ability to view asset interval awareness chart

4. Ability to view asset performance charts

Go to a Work Order in the Fulfillment stage.

Select an asset

Click on the As Found tab

Click on the More button

The Asset's Service History will appear here

Click the Select Maintenance Plan drop-down to focus on a particular service

Click the Service Intervals tab

Click the Attributes tab 

Click the Add button under Asset Attributes

Define the Asset Attribute and Click Save

Click the Add button under Product Attributes

Define the Product Attribute and Click Save

To adjust an attribute, Click the Pencil Icon adjacent to the desired attribute

Adjust accordingly and Click Save

Revert back to the WO screen

Click on the Asset Serial Number

Click on the Performance Tab

Click on the Select Chart drop-down to adjust the Performance at different service levels

*This is a "Feature Updates" article. If you need to get actual information, please go to the "Access to additional asset information with the work order fulfillment screen" article.