Feature ID: 35521

Feature Description: New service capability view

Use Case: Vendors that have many service capabilities will benefit from a new way to display and manage service capabilities and service levels.  Originally, the service capabilities screen was in a matrix and relied on a lot of scrolling which became cumbersome if your company had a lot of service offerings and/or product lines. With this update, the capabilities that the organization has selected (offers) are the only ones that are visible. The Service Capabilities screen now encompasses service levels, service pricing, and affiliated work items in organized columns, respectively. If the user still wants to view the original Service Capability Matrix there is a button that will allow that user to do so. 

*This is a "Feature Updates" article. for actual information about the Service Capability screen, please go to the "Service Capabilityarticle.

Click on Administration

Click on Service Capabilities

To view the original Service Capability Matrix 

Click View Capability Matrix

The Service Capability Matrix screen will appear

To add/remove/edit Service Capabilities

Click Select/Unselect Capabilities

Select desired Instrument categories and Service categories

To view specific Service Capability

Click All Service Capabilities drop-down

Select desired Service Category

All Instrument Types that contain that Service Category will appear