Feature ID: 35514

Feature Description: Data only entry mode

Use Case:  When performing calibrations with a large number of measurement points it is helpful to be able to display as much data entry controls on the same screen as possible by hiding all unnecessary information. This feature is vendor specific and may be applicable for asset owner’s facility teams that conduct in-house service. As a technician, within a work order, I want to be able to have a compact, intuitive data entry screen which solely focuses on the readings. This feature is specifically designed for efficiency improvements for highly cumbersome work orders and allows for easy tab and key data entry. This feature is visible within the Fulfillment interface of a work order. Once enabled, the interface will adjust to a variety of screen sizes and will list the test name, nominal and data entry fields. 

Go to a Work Order

Select the desired Instrument

Click As Found or As Left

Click the Data Only Form checkbox

The Data Only Form will appear