Feature ID: 27789

Feature Description: Report Revisions and Visibility

Use Case: As a vendor, I want to be able to control when certain reports can be overwritten with an updated version or require a new revision to be created. Users should be able to lock and unlock individual reports with proper permissions. When a report is locked, and a new version is generated, it is created as a new revision. New revisions are numbered, and revision numbers may be introduced into the file name and displayed in the report itself.

Only the most recent revision of each report is shown in the work order, but the list of prior revisions should be accessible via a separate menu or window.

Additionally, users want to be able to control the visibility of generated and uploaded documents to the client. Each report can be marked as "private" or "public". Only public reports become visible to the client upon order completion.

In the Documents section, on the Work Order screen, some reports may have an “eye” icon. If a report has the “eye” icon, it means that the report is locked. A locked document means that it cannot be adjusted.

If a user clicks on the toolbox, they can choose to make the Document public. If they choose to do so, the “eye” icon will disappear.

If a report is public then it can be sent to the Client once it is completed (i.e. Invoice), whereas if the Document is locked then it can only be sent by direct action (i.e. Sent Email button). Whereas if the Document is private, the Client will not be able to view it at their own convenience.

Likewise, at the Order Level, the same functionality applies.

In conclusion, making a document public allows it to be viewable by all users. Likewise, if a document is locked then it cannot be deleted by Clients/Vendors.

Removed Delete link for locked revisions