*This is a "Feature Updates" article. If you need to get actual instructions, please go to the "Qualer Print" article.

Feature ID: 27787

Feature Description: Automatic printing

Use Case: Qualer created the Qualer.Print application which is installed on a local computer & connects to a printer. This application listens to the pre-configured Qualer print queues and immediately sends incoming files to the configured printer without any additional questions or interactions.

Print queues are configurable by a company and can be associated with specific types of reports and/or specific employees. When a report is generated (manually or automatically) it ends up in a print queue that is configured to accept this type of the report. Additionally, a print queue may accept only reports generated or uploaded by specific employees.

The application should support multiple queues. For example, there could be a separate queue for labels and certificates to be printed on different printers or from different paper trays on the same printer. The application should display a list of recently printed files with the ability to click and open the file on the local computer and re-print it if necessary.

Navigate to the Operation Settings, within the Administration Module, and select the Print Queues tab.

Type in a fictitious Queue Name, “Certificates”.

The user can then select a designated employee to authorize the automatic printing by clicking Add Employee. Take note that solely this user(s) will be able to generate this report automatically; you can add as many employees as desired.

Once the employees have been selected, then select the linked reports by clicking Add Report. You can add as many reports as desired.

Once configuring the Print Queue proceed to the Work Order page, within the Service Module. Along the right side of the screen, in the Toolbox, install the print application named Install Qualer.Print application.  

An install wizard will appear, elect to install the application and follow the provided steps.

Open the Qualer.Print application. In the top right quadrant, click Configure and then Add Queue. 

Name the Print Queue, Queue ID (refer to the Print Queue tab within Operation Settings) and select the Printer Name.

To ensure the clearest image when printing a label, be sure to check Print as image. The sizing can then be defined either by manually typing them in or by clicking Read Printer Default Settings.

Once all fields have been defined, click Save. If the Printer has been set up correctly, you will see a Green dot next to the Queue Name.