Feature ID: 26043

Feature Description: Subcontracting and outsourcing of work

Use Case: As a vendor, I need to be able to outsource work to another vendor. It is currently possible to create a linked order with selected work items to be fulfilled separately from the main order. We need to expand this functionality to allow the creation of a "New Outsourced Service Order".

This is a "Feature Updates" article. Actual instructions you can find here.

An outsourced work order is a completely new service request, which is created between the original vendor and the outsourced subcontractor. It retains a link to original order so that subcontracted work could be seen in the context of the original order. When the outsourced order is completed by the subcontractor, the results become visible on the original work order, along with any documents produced by the subcontractor. It is up to the original vendor to roll up subcontracted work results and expose them to the customer.

The arrangements between the original vendor and the subcontractor are not visible to the original customer. From his point of view, the work is performed by his vendor. The subcontractor doesn't have access to the original client. From his point of view, it is just a regular work order fulfilled for the original vendor being his client in this case.

It should be possible to outsource pieces of work on the same asset to multiple subcontractors. It should also be possible for the subcontractor to outsource his work to another subcontractor (and so on).

Go to a Work Order, select an asset, and click Move to Another Order. 

Elect to Outsource work to another vendor and select the desired outsourced Vendor.

Proceed throughout the New Service Request and navigate to the original Work Order. When at the screen the subcontracted work now has an arrow and when clicked references the sub-work order that was just created

Go to the original Work Order and click on Labels & Reports. Each subcontractor will have an Outsourced Work box which references their assigned work. Each subcontractor will have their own box where reports can be generated and distributed to the client.

When the subcontractor has completed their outsourced Work Order, the correlating report(s) will appear in the original Work Order. 

In the Outsourced Work folder of the Labels & Reports tab, the reports generated by the subcontractor will appear. If the user clicks on the Arrow, above the report, a pop-up will appear where they will be able to rename the report & define the type of report.