*This is a "Feature Updates" article. If you need to get actual instructions, please go to the "Change Management" article.

Feature ID: 26380

Feature Description: Curated asset information changes

Use Case: As a client I want to be able to review and approve any changes that happen to assets. I want to be able to set up how individual fields or whole records are created, deleted or updated.

There should be a way to turn this feature on or off for any company. When enabled, a configuration screen should allow for setting the update strategy either for the whole record or for individual fields separately. A different strategy can be set up for internal employees and for external vendors.

A new set of filters in the Asset Manager should give curators quick access to Added, Modified or Deleted assets. The approval screen should display the changes that were requested, along with other pertinent information (who, when, why).

Within the Administration Portal, under Operation Settings, and select the Entity Change tab. At the time, this feature is only available for Assets but it will be expanded in future releases.

Click Create Default.

To rename the Policy and adjust the Policy Scope, click on Default. Let’s rename it Internal and adjust the scope to Internal.

Now let’s create another policy called Vendor and elect for the Policy Scope to be External. 

For each Policy Type, you can configure settings with regards to Add, Delete and Modify actions. These changes can be:

  • Instant: no approval needed, change is immediate and logged into the main audit table accessible via a report.
  • Logged: no approval needed, but change is visible in the "Changes" tab of the asset along with date and person, who made the change.
  • Logged with Reasonno approval needed, but the reason is recorded along with the change and is showing in the "Changes" tab.
  • Gatedchange is postponed until approved or rejected. If approved, it appears in the "Changes" tab.
  • Gated with Reasonchange is postponed and the reason for the change is recorded and displayed
  • CustomConfigure individual asset fields and behaviors (only available in Modify)

For example's sake, let’s set the Modify field to Logged.

Refer to an asset, open its settings, and change the Serial Number. Once changed, refer to the Changes tab. All Logged changes will be captured here.

Refer to the same Policy and change the Modify field to GatedGo to the same asset and change the Serial Number. The changes will be captured in the Changes tab but is now up to the curation administrator to approve the change.

All asset related changes can be viewed in the Asset Module, on the left side of the screen, under Asset Changes. 

For this feature, 6 new notification types have been added to ensure that all responsible users are aware when an action is needed.