With this feature, you are able to generate a certificate that propagates each asset's service record in accordance to the specific report template its data requires. This will help streamline service workflows by having your Qualer Portal generate a singular certificate based of the many needs of your customers and the variety of assets, services, and measurements that they require.


To begin, you will need to access your "Report Definitions" under "Service Levels" in your "Administration" module.

Multiple "Report Templates" can now be uploaded within a single "Report Name" by selecting the "Report Name" then selecting "Select files...".

A file selection folder will appear allowing you to select "Report Templates" to add to the "Report Name".  From here select the file you would like to be added to this "Report Name" and hit "OK."

This new "Report Template" will now appear along side the old one in the "Edit Report Definition" page.

Click "Update" and the "Report Definitions" table will update with these new templates.

Your Qualer Portal will now generate your report using both templates based off assigned conditions in each report.