With this feature, you are now able to change a customer's asset's location to a site within your Portal . This will help streamline service workflows by allowing technicians to easily track assets while being serviced in your facilities.


To begin, you will need to access your customer's "All Assets" page.  You can bulk assign a "Service Site" by selecting multiple assets then selecting "Assign to Service Site" under your "TOOLBOX"

A popup will appear containing a drop down allowing you to select which of your sites you would like these assets to be continuously serviced at.

After selecting "OK" these changes will become visible in the "Service Site/Service Tag" column of the "All Assets" table.

Assets can also be individually assigned to a "Service Site" through the "Location" tab in the "Edit Asset" page under the "Vendor Site" drop down.

Your client's "All Assets" table can now be filtered through the search filters at the top of this page.