With this feature, you are now able to unassign tools from an asset in your work order.  This will help technicians correct any accidental tool selects that may occur during their work in their Qualer Portal.


First, to unassign a primary or secondary tool you can either select the desired tool to unassign by clicking any of its text fields

or the option to Select Primary Tool if it is the primary tool or Select Secondary Tool if it is the secondary tool in the "As Found" or "As Left" screens.

Once you have selected the desired tool to unassign you will be taken to the Select Primary Tool/Reference Standard screen or Select Secondary Tool/Reference Standard screen depending on which tool you want unassigned.  On this screen you will then select the "No Primary Tool (Unselect)" or "No Additional Tool (Unselect)" button.

Once selected, you will be taken back to the "As Found" or "As Left" screen depending where this process originated.  And the unassigned tool will no longer appear on the screen.