With this new feature, you are able to manipulate the data entry of multi-channel readings. Before, when pressing "tab" or entering readings, the system would default to the next measurement. You can now customize the data entry to enter by channel or measurement.


When measuring multichannel assets, once you have your primary measuring tool defined, click the "Edit Specification" button to take you to the measurement data entry specifications.

On this screen, you will be able to select the specifications and edit the readings as well as the channel inputs.

The options are now:

Combined Value/Sum of all channels: this will present the sum of all your channel values (no matter how many channels you have, it will sum and default to the reading amount)

Individual/by channel: this will allow you to enter data horizontally by channel. You will enter the measurements for Channel 1 before advancing to Channel 2 and so on and so forth

Individual/all channels: this will allow you to enter data vertically between channels. You will enter the 1st measurement for Channel 1 and then the 1st measurement for Channel 2 and so on and so forth

One of the channels: Will reduce the specification to one channel. You will enter data for the individual Channel

With multiple channels, the data will by channel before changing measurement parameters (volume to volume, etc.)