This feature will allow maintenance tasks to be triggered following a fail event on a previous task. For instance, if your equipment failed a calibration, you can set up a repair for that asset. 


In order to schedule a new maintenance task that will be triggered following a fail event, you need to click on the "Add New Maintenance Task" from within the maintenance plan you are configuring.

Afterwards, you can fill out the name of the new task. We can call it "Repair" for the sake of this example. The next step would be to click on the drop-down menu under "Service Intervals".

Once you have the drop-down menu expanded, pick the option that applies to you. In our example, we will be configuring a repair that will be triggered after a fail event from "As Left" data. 

Once this option is selected, you need to ensure that you associate this "Repair" with the appropriate maintenance task that is available under this maintenance plan. For instance, the maintenance plan from our example already has 2 separate maintenance tasks. We want the "Repair" task to be triggered only if the equipment fails the Monthly Calibration (but not the Weekly Deep Clean).

Afterwards, you will need to dictate the time frame after which this "Repair" will be triggered. For example, you can set it to trigger 3 days after the fail event.

Lastly, make sure you click "Update" to save the changes you've just made.

(For a comprehensive tutorials on maintenance plans, follow this link.)