This new feature will allow users to fill out simple forms to capture reported issues, client feedback, or to create work order requests


In order to create a survey or questionnaire, first you will need to access the following URL: {company}.qualer.com/survey

This will open the following window, in which you can enter all the relevant information.

Name - will display on top of page. You can think of it as a header for your survey.

Title - will display under the Name

Prompt - you can provide a general instruction to your users regarding this form

Link ID - the text that will display at the end of the URL.

Allow Anonymous - if you check this off, users will be able to fill this survey out without being required to be logged into their Qualer account

Status options - you can set different statuses, such as "New", "Reviewed", "Closed"

Starting number - the number at which the count of this survey will begin

This is what the survey we just configured will look like. If you'd like to return to the configuration screen and adjust the values you entered previously, click on "Configure." Otherwise, click on "Add Question" in order to create questions for your survey.

After you click on "Add Question", you can format your questions in a variety of ways. Below is an example:

Note: The "Response Type" is a powerful tool that lets you determine the format in which the answers will be given to you.


After you are finished adding your questions, you can distribute your survey to your users by sharing the survey link with them.

Tip: You can use the Custom Company Links In Dashboards And Toolboxes feature in order to create a tab on your platform that redirects to your survey/questionnaire. For example, you can configure it to display in as a tab your asset manager or as part of your toolbox on your Dashboard:

All about Surveys is here