Thanks to this feature, vendors will now have the ability to export all work orders from one client. In addition, vendors will have the flexibility to export a specified list of work orders.


In order to access this feature, you will have to go to your client's account in Qualer. You can do this by hovering over the "Service" module and by clicking on the "Manage Clients" tab. 

This will redirect you the a screen where you can see all your clients. Click on the client for whom you'd like to export work orders. In this example, it will be Aqualang. 

Once you click on your client's company name, select the tab "orders" in the top left section of the page.

Notice that the toolbar on the right side of the screen contains an option called "Export Selection to Excel".

However, before you click on "Export Selection to Excel," it is important to make you have have selected the correct time frame for which you want the work orders to be exported. To do this, click on the "Within # days" text, which in located under the "All Work Orders" header. 

Once you click on this text, you will have the ability to choose the particular time frame for which you want the information regarding work orders to be exported to an Excel file. 

Once this filter is set based on your needs, click on the "Export Selection to Excel" option from the toolbar on the right side of the "Orders" page.

This will generate an Excel file with detailed information regarding the work orders you chose. Below is a sample Excel report generated for the 3 Work Orders we have under our client, Aqualang.

All about Work Order Manager is here.