This function, in coordination with creating a Technique, will show you how to add your created Techniques to your Uncertainty Budgets and Service Levels.

For a refresher on how to create a Technique click here: Manage CMC Values

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Adding a Technique to a Uncertainty Budget:

To begin click the ADMINISTRATION module > Click "Sites" on the left menu > Select the site from the "Sites" table > Click "Uncertainty" on the left menu.  Select the uncertainty budget needing a Technique added to it by selecting its name under the "Budget Name" column. 

To add the Technique you will select the "Uncertainty Budget" tab and select the Technique in the drop down labeled "Technique."

Then, click the "Update Uncertainty Budget" button. This change will now be saved to the Uncertainty Budget. To return to the "Measurement Uncertainty" table, click "Uncertainty on the left menu or "Return to the list" below the Uncertainty Budget table.

The added Technique will now be displayed in the "Measurement Technique" table.

Adding a Technique to a Service Level:

To begin click the ADMINISTRATION module > Click "Service Levels" on the left menu > locate your Service Level by selecting the correct information in the "Instrument Category", "Service Capabilities", and "Service Category" drop downs.  Once at your desired Service Level, select the "Measurements" tab and select the "Measurement Parameter" needing the technique by clicking its name. 

The "Measurement Parameter" window will pop-up, select the "Measurement Points" tab.  You will see a drop down field titled "Technique:".

Select the Technique you would like to add. Then click "OK" and it will be added to this "Measurement Parameter.

Note: There will not be any display within  the Service Level to indicate that this Technique has been added to the Measurement Parameter. Also, Techniques can only be added to a Measurement Quantity under Measurement Parameter that matches the one it was set up with in "Certification".