Asset/Facility Managers can now gain better visibility and control into their asset inventory by leveraging additional configuration capabilities such as department-level asset assignments in addition to the previous site-level, room-level, and custodian-level tags.

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Within the Edit Asset window in your asset profile, you can now configure the appropriate Station and Department links in your Location tab.  

The Station drop down, since associated with Room configuration, will not be active until you've assigned your asset to a room. The Department drop down is not linked to any other location information and can be assigned independently. 

With this added function, you can now assign multiple assets to a department in your Asset Manager module.  This can be done by selecting your assets and clicking "Transfer to Another Department..." A pop-up will appear with a drop down letting you select which department you'd like to add the assets.

Note: Departments must be pre-configured in the ADMINISTRATION module, under the section "Departments"

With these additions to Qualer, we have removed the Station and Employee drop downs from your Tool Configuration page as the Tool Station is linked through the asset station and the employee is linked with the asset Custodian.