With this feature, you are now able to combine multiple Measurement Parameters within a single Uncertainty Budget.

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To begin, you will want to be on your "Measurement Uncertainty' page within your "Sites" tab under the ADMINISTRATION module.

Once here, open the uncertainty budget you are looking to edit by selecting its name in blue under the 'Budget Name" column.  Then select the "Uncertainty Component" tab.  A table of your uncertainty components will appear.  In the column on the right, you will see a blue "---" for any component with a representation of "Measurement Parameter" just as it appeared before.  

As before, when you select the "---" a drop down will appear, however now it automatically drops down with all your options while the top field turns into a text field where customized text up to 100 characters can be entered.

If the setting you are wanting to apply is not on the drop down then simply type it in the text field and hit enter or click off the drop down to have it applied.

In addition to applying customized text, we have given you the ability to use multiple parameters to further define your uncertainty budget.  This function is enabled by entering two parameters in the field and having them connected via a colon.  This function is defined by the parameter before the colon identifying a measurement in the current batch.  While the parameter after the colon is the parameter that needs to be taken.  To apply this function, simply select the drop down and either type or select the parameter to be before the colon.  

Example: Nominal:StdDeviation

Then select the entered field, type a colon after it, and either type or select the parameter to be after the colon.  The Measurement Parameter will now be defined by there two parameters.