As a service provider, you can now inform your customers why your technicians have deleted an asset's As Found data.  This may be a result of severe damage or other repair-related challenges that impede the technician from capturing the As Found/As Received data points.  Rather than simply ignoring or deleting those fields, the technician can remove the field and communicate the reason why those readings were not take, up front. 

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 In the Item Detail View of a work order, click the "Edit Specification" button from the As Found screen:

Here, you will see a button labeled "Add/Remove" that when pressed allows you to edit your measurements title, units of measure, decimal places, specification, number of readings, number of points, or delete the entire As Found section. 

By selecting "Delete As Found," a confirmation box will pop-up, allowing you to either type an ad hoc note explaining the reason for deleting the As Found fields, or allowing you to select from one of your pre-configured service level comments.  Once entered, the "Notes/Reason" section will be appended to the Technician Comments section of the work order, and displayed on your customer's report.