As a service provider, you will now be able to apply different uncertainties to your tools that measure various ranges. For example, a thermometer may have the following ranges: 0-100F, 0-200F, 0-300F. Each range will have its own accuracy and uncertainty and you will have the ability to apply that level of granularity to the indicated ranges.

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Start by selecting the ADMINISTRATION module and clicking "Sites" from the options on the left-side of your screen,

To configure tool ranges, begin by selecting the “Site” that the tool is assigned to and then click the “Tools” folder from the menu on the left side of the screen. Next, you will need to select a specific tool that you would like to configure ranges for, do this by click the tool name.

Then, select the “Tool Range” tab. Select “Add Range/Mode” to add a new tool range.

Complete the fields in the Tool Range/Mode pop-up dialog:

Once you have added the tool ranges, click “OK” to add the range. The ranges will be pre-selected (indicated by the green check mark on the left-hand side) as a viable range for this standard. To un-select a specific range, click on the check mark and it will turn grey. To delete a range, select the "red X" on the right side of the window. 

Now, when you work on a work order using this tool, the system will automatically apply the correct uncertainty based on the value of the measurement you are capturing and the related range requirements.