As a service provider, you are now able to specify tool error correction values which will affect tool output values. For example, if a tool is reading 100 Fahrenheit and you have an error correction of -0.2 Fahrenheit, the reading value will be adjusted to 99.8 Fahrenheit. This will allow you to capture the most accurate data.

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To enter your "Tool Manager", select the ADMINISTRATION module then "Sites" and select the site name where your tool is located.

Begin by selecting your tool from your Tool Manager.

Then, you will need to select the “Tool Range” tab and click under the title Error Correction (Note: if no error correction has been created it will say “N/A”).

Next, you will need to add the input value and output value and select “add”. Once you have added all the error corrections, check the box to Enable Tool Error Correction.

Once these tool error corrections have been enabled, they will automatically apply the correction to any measurements captured by the specific tool.