With this new feature you will be able to assign certificate numbers for all orders completed with a vendor outside of the Qualer platform. Additionally, you will be able to assign certificate numbers to your tools, allowing them to easily display on certificates. 

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To begin, hover over ASSETS in the top navigation bar > Click "Asset Manager"

Next, select an asset to update the "Asset Service Record". 

Then, select the "History Tab" and click "Add Service Record". 

Now, you will want to enter important information regarding the service that was completed on the asset ("Schedule" and "Provider" tabs). Click "Next" to move from one tab to the next. On the "Order" tab you will be able to manage the results and Certificate Number for your asset. 

To complete the "Service Record," click Next and complete the next two tabs ("Charges" and "Document") where you are able to enter information regarding cost, for lifecycle management, and upload PDFs for future reference. 

Updating Traceable Calibration Certificate Numbers for Tools: 

In addition to managing certificate numbers within the "Asset Service Records" you are able to also link your tools with certificate numbers which can then be displayed on Calibration certificates generated in Qualer, ensuring you remain in compliance.

Begin by entering your ADMINISTRATION module and selecting "Sites".

Next, select a Site name, and enter your "Tool Manager" by selecting "Tools" from the column on your left. 

Lastly, select the "Compliance" tab and enter the "Certificate Number" for your tool. After you have entered all necessary information, select "Update".