You may notice with this new release that your Asset Manager has been redesigned.  The new formatting that you will see on your asset table is intended to help your team better manage equipment registered as "Tools" in the platform.

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Old Formatting

New Formatting

Break-down of new configuration

Column 1: Displays Asset Manufacturer, Asset Name, and Asset Description.  If the asset is registered as a tool, then the Tool icon () will also be displayed below this selection button.  

Column 2: Contains the asset's Serial Number, Asset Tag, and Asset User information.  Clicking the Serial number opens the Asset information pop-up.

Column 3: Displays the asset's Site, Room, and Location.  Clicking on the site name will apply the site filter to the asset table.

Column 4: Will display the asset's Pool, Class, and Criticality.  By clicking the Pool name, the asset table is filtered by pool.

Column 5: Displays the Department, Custodian, and Station of the asset.  Clicking on the department will apply the selected filter to the asset table, and display all assets within this department.

Column 6: Displays the asset's product information.  The top line is a combination of the manufacturer and manufacturer's part number from our product catalog.  If you click the manufacturer's name then the asset table will be filtered by this information.  

Here is an example of all the filters that can now be applied by clicking the links within the asset table: 

In addition to updates made to the "All Assets" table, updates were also made to the "Past Due", "Due for Service", or "Service Scheduled" folders on the left side of your screen.  Two additional columns were added to the table: Last Service and Next Service. 

In the "Last Service" column, you will see the results and date of your assets' most recent service event. If the most recent service event is still in process, and the asset is currently in a work order, the service order shortcut icon () will be displayed.  By clicking on this icon, a new tab will open and you will be redirected to the service order that contains the referenced asset. If the most recent service event has been completed, then the results of that service, along with a hyper link to the order information will be displayed.

In the "Next Service" column, the date of the next scheduled service will be displayed, along with the maintenance plan and maintenance task titles associated with that due date.  

In the Recently Serviced view, the "Last Service" column will appear, along with a column displaying the Vendor, Technician, and Certificate Number for the asset's service.  

The "Warranty Expiring" folder now has two new columns as well.  The first of which displays when a warranty was added to the asset, the asset's lifespan, and the cumulative service cost.  And the second displays when the warranty expires, as well as its duration. 

The "Due for Replacement" folder contains a column with information regarding the asset's rate of depreciation, residual value, and condition.

The "Out of Service" tab contains a similar set of new columns displaying when an asset was retired, the salvage value, and the reason for retirement for a quick reference.