To save time and improve your experience while completing service on a work order, technicians are now able to search for assets on an order, and add them to the order if they are not already included.  This will be especially useful to our field technicians who do not always know what equipment they are being sent out to service until they are standing in front of it.  

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To begin, access the Order Detail View (either via the Employee Dashboard, or your Work Order Manager):

In the Assets table, use the asset search box to first search for the asset you may need to add to the order:

As you type, the filter will automatically begin to apply to the order, while also searching the client's asset list for other assets that may meet the search criteria:

After you've confirmed the asset is not already in the order list, click the "Add Assets" button to view the list of other found assets.  If the asset you are looking for is listed below, click "Select" to add it to the order:

If the asset you need is not found through the search, you may need to create a new asset at this time. Simply click "Create New Asset" to begin that process: 

Start typing the product part number to search our catalog for a match (only 10 search results will display at a time):

Once found, select the model number, and you will then be prompted to enter basic identifying information about the asset (serial number required), and click "Add Asset":

The newly added assets will now appear in your asset list in the Order Detail View and are ready for you to begin working with:

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