Qualer has made assigning a Maintenance Plan to a New Asset with historic plans simple and convenient. When a new asset is registered in Qualer, a pop-up will appear allowing you to easily select a maintenance plan, as well as select the initial service date based on data available in the system or manually.

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To access this feature, you can use any of the three routes identified below: 


1. save a newly registered asset:

 2. select existing assets and click "Add to Maintenance Plan" in the Toolbox:

3. Or select "Assign Maintenance Plan" in Maintenance tab of the Asset Info pop-up:

Which ever approach you choose, you will then see the following pop-up dialog with your available maintenance plans:  

The check boxes on the left activate the drop-downs, and indicate the appropriate logic for initiating the next service due date.  

Click "OK" when you are ready to assign the new plan and associated logic to the selected asset(s).  You will then receive a confirmation message of the assignment:

In addition to this update, we have give you the ability to reset your service date.  To begin, access the Maintenance tab of the Asset Info pop-up (you will see in this example that the Service Due date is 01/01/2017):

Select the calendar icon in the Maintenance Plan's row you are looking to reset:

The Next Asset Service Date window will pop-up:

To adjust the "Next Service Date:" field, you can either select the calendar icon and a calendar will pop-up for you to select a date from:

Or select your cursor in the date field and type the desired new date:

To remove the asset's service date, so that alerts will be silenced for example due to an upcoming initial service,simply delete the date in the "Next service date:" field.  Once you've changed the service date to your desired date, click "OK." 

The new date will appear in the "Service & Maintenance Log" to the left of the calendar icon.  If you have reset the date to zero, then no date will be visible in the "Service Due/Next Service" column. 

All about Maintenance Plans is here.