Service providers in Qualer will now have the ability to generate estimates and invoices based on the service call, rather than the individual assets.  This can be applied to assetless orders, service contract agreements, travel expenses, etc. 

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First, create a service order for your Client by accessing your client's account in the Service module. Hover your mouse over SERVICE > click "Manage Clients" > select the client by clicking their name

In the "Assets" tab of that client account, either select assets by clicking the adjacent checkmarks, or create an order without assets, by selecting "New Service Order..." in the Toolbox on the right side of the screen. For this example, we will create an order without any assets:

Hint: To learn more about how assets can be added to an order while you work on the order, click here.


A pop-up will appear requesting confirmation to create an assetless service order. Select "OK"

The new Client Service Order workflow will begin.  Since we do not know which assets you will be servicing, select "Next" to skip the "Assets" tab, and be taken to the "Work Details" tab. 

Tip: If your client account has multiple site locations, you may select which site you are generating the work order for, this will allow the system to automatically assign the correct logistics and billing information in the following tabs, saving you time that would be spent entering those fields manually. 

Begin entering a description of the invoicing items that you would like to record in the "Task Description" field of the "Tasks & Requests" table. Add the price (if known), add the estimated time (if pricing is hourly) and press "Add" to save it to the table.  Repeat this step as needed until all items have been recorded.

Note: To progress past the "Work Details" tab in an assetless order, you must enter at least one item in the "Tasks and Requests" table.

Continue selecting "Next" to complete the "Logistics" and "Billing" information in the following tabs.  You will then arrive to the "Review & Submit" tab. Here, you will see your estimate with the "Service subtotal" field completed based off the information provided in the "Work Details" tab.  Select "Submit service order" and you will informed of your work order being completed.  

Note: When a new request is created by a client from their asset manager the client will not see time or price entry. They can only enter the task description.  While when the new client order is created by vendor, the vendor can see and edit time and price. When the order is submitted, both clients and vendors can see the time and price but only the vendor (including internal vendors) can modify time and price.