Now in compliance with ISO 17025, you are now able to define the lowest possible uncertainty for any measurement you take. For example, if you are certified to measure length with the best possible uncertainty of 0.02 mm, if any calculated measurement uncertainty falls below that threshold Qualer will report 0.02 instead of the lower calculated value.

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To begin click the ADMINISTRATION module > Click "Basic Information" on the left menu > select the “Registration & Certification” tab. Once you have your certification loaded into the system, select the name in "Certification" column to begin adding your CMC table.

Next, select the “Capability” tab and then select, “Add Technique” to enter the CMC values for a unit of measure. 

After you have configured your CMC values, if any calculated measurement uncertainty fell below this threshold, the report would display this CMC value instead of the lower value calculated.

To have the CMC value display on the work order, you will need to select it in the appropriate Service Level.  Navigate to your Service Level configuration screen by clicking "Service Levels" on the left side of the screen > Select the "Measurement" tab > Click on the title of the measurement:

In the Measurement Parameter configuration dialog, check off the box in the "Display/Acceptance" tab, under the category of "Uncertainty / Guard Banding" > Calibration Measurement Capability (CMC)

Note: CMC values are configured at the Measurement level, you will need to select it for every "Measurement Point" you have configured within your "Service Levels".