During data acquisition, technicians may use one or many reference standards to gather data points.  To better accommodate this request, Qualer implemented a tool grouping mechanism, which will allow technicians to quickly select all or some tools from the group in the work order. Continue reading for information on how Tool Groups should be used once configured. 

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Tool Groups are created using Asset Areas-- Throughout this article we will use "Areas" and "Groups" interchangeably.  Once configured correctly, any asset groups that contain registered tools will be displayed in a new tab, called Tool Groups, in the tool selection screen for technicians:


Simply identify which group of tools you are selecting from > click "Select" to expose the tools within the group > click the appropriate check boxes to add one, a few, or all tools from the group to the test point:  

Once Selected, the tools will be added to a table for the technician to review, add, and/or remove tools as well as environmental conditions before entering completing the order.  This reference table can be reported on Calibration Certificates as well:

Click here to learn how to configure your "Asset Areas" to be used as Tool Groups.