Managing asset inventory requires a degree of complexity that is truly appreciated by the Qualer product development team.  Our customers have helped us define additional fields and filters that they would like to use while managing their assets in Qualer. 

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First, hover over ASSETS in your top navigation bar > Click "Asset Manager"

In your Asset Manager, you will notice a few different options for filtering.  In the top right, you will see three selector buttons that help manage assets based on custodian assignments, or tool registrations. 

Click "My Assets" to refine the assets table to only include assets assigned to you as the Custodian

Hint: Custodian assignments are managed in the Location tab of the "Edit Asset" pop-up: 

Click "Tools" to refine the displayed asset table by assets which are registered as tools, i.e. Reference Standards, Environment Sensors, and Controlled Storage.  

Note that Tools in your asset manager will also be indicated by this icon:

Hint: You can select both "My Assets" and "Tools" at once to filter down by both categories

In addition to these new options, we have also reorganized the top-level asset filters.  A new filter is available called "Asset Filters", use this filter to narrow your asset list by the Criticality, Condition, and/or Class configured in the Identification tab of the Edit Asset pop-up dialog. 

Configure those tags here:

All about Searching for and Filtering your Assets is here.