A host of Work Order navigation improvements have been made to make Qualer more user friendly.  You may notice the following changes made to the Work Order and Service Request Manager modules in your Qualer platform: 

1. Quick Jump between orders:

Move easily between orders chronologically, or through an easy-access search function, to manage work orders quickly and efficiently

2. Identify Orders quickly using new Order Classification filters:

Better manage your own and your client's equipment by filtering down to a set of orders that are intended for internal completion or external completion with added clarity: 

3. Jump to Item Detail View:

Click on the item part number in the Work Details view to quickly redirect yourself to the Item Detail View and data acquisition fields

4. Upload attachments directly to an item in the Work Details view:

Manage the assets on an order easily, from one central location and upload an attachement to an individual item in the order by clicking on the certificate icon and selection a file from your computer or tablet