The multi-component asset function is used to link assets that have unique serial numbers but are operationally and/or physically connected.  For example, this tool may be used to link components such as a fraction collector to the primary HPLC unit. 


Here is an example:

I have registered the main component of an HPLC system and saved the unit as a "Multi-Component System":

Assets that have the multi-component function enabled will display a triangle on the lower left of the serial number with a count of all the assets that are contained within the system. I have not yet added any additional assets to this system so the number is “0”:

To add assets to the system, first register the assets in Qualer and drop the assets into your “Quick Collections” folder on the left of the screen:

After you add the assets to your Quick Collections the “+” will change to the number of assets you’ve added, in this case “2”:

Now, click on the multi-component system tally to link this assets to the original/main unit:

Click on the Highlighted button for “Add from Quick Collection”

The assets will now all be linked under the main unit as displayed below: