Microsoft SLA guarantees 99.9% uptime for Azure cloud applications and server connectivity. In case of software-related outage, the Crisis Management Team will be assembled to perform the disaster recovery:

Crisis Management Team

● This Team includes President, Account Manager, Head of Sales & Marketing and Head of Technology.

● The Team will assess any situation and adjust the recovery standard operating procedure accordingly.

● The Crisis Management Team has total control over all business recovery efforts during the disruption.

Recovery Plan

● The team will first log an incident on our publically available status page, and send incident notifications to our customers.

● The team will diagnose the root cause of the disruption, identify those applications that support the critical business processes, prioritize the sequence in which they will be recovered, and attain the recovery time objectives.

● Recovery tasks include

○ Restore Workstation Applications, Network Capabilities and Data Files 

○ Restore Windows Azure configurations

○ Verify and update web site domains and DNS

○ Restore databases from the most recent snapshots or backups

○ Restore access rights

○ Perform automated testing of the restored applications

● During the disruption, the team will post updates every 30 minutes to Qualer’s status page, accompanied by emails to our customers

Data Back Up

● Data servers are in the Microsoft Azure cloud

● Automatic mirroring is enabled for the database within the Azure cloud

● In addition, a full database backup is created daily and stored in a remote location

● Qualer keeps monthly backups going back several years

● Qualer keeps weekly backups for the current year

● Qualer keeps daily backups for the last 1 month.

Automatic Failover

● In case of any single server failure a hot-spare failover server is taking over immediately

● In case of the area-wide failure, the data is protected and stored in a redundant data store in the cloud