Basic Information Overview:

The Basic Information stored in Qualer will be displayed through your service providers, client and employee interactions with your portal.  Use this screen to define your portal domain, link all company networks, upload certifications, and update general communications information. 

The information added to the tab "Company Information" will be used to customize your portal login page. An example of how each field is displayed at login: 

Company Logo

When your company is first created, the masthead contains a simple typeface displaying your company name. This may be replaced with your company logo.

To do this, click "Choose File" option on the Company Information tab. This will allow you to select an image file in one of the supported formats.




Select the local file from your computer or network drive to upload the logo.

For best results logo files should be manually sized to no greater than 50 pixels high and 250 pixels wide. This ensures the logo is displayed clearly with no compression artifacts.

Billing & Shipping

The billing and shipping information entered in this tab should reflect the global company information, and will be used as the default setting unless overridden by Site-level Billing & Shipping addresses (when applicable).  The name and information listed here will be used as the primary contact at your company for billing and shipping processes. 

Registration & Certification

Use this tab to list and manage all company certifications. Click "Add Certification" to complete your list of certifications. 

Enter information about the certifying authority, the scope of the certification, and any logos or files that should be displayed with the certification by clicking through each of the tabs.