Site Administration Overview

Qualer uses the concept of a "Site" to delineate between business units, laboratories, and physical facilities. The site architecture is flexible enough to accommodate each company's unique structure. 

Site Listing

The site listing serves as the home screen of the Site Administration tab. This listing shows you the names, locations, and number of registered assets at each of the sites in your company. New Sites can be added by clicking the "Add New Site" button at the bottom of the screen. 

Site Settings

Each site can have unique administrative settings and can be drilled down further to contain rooms and stations for added granularity. After a site is added using the "Add New Site" button, click on the site name to access site settings.  

Site Information

Select all appropriate site types for added organization of assets and information within the site.  These site definitions will allow for added service capabilities and functionality depending on the selections.  For example, if the site is used both for research and internal/external calibrations select "Science Facility" and "Service Center"

Billing & Shipping

Each site has the ability to use a unique billing and shipping address.  This site level information will be used as the default for any services performed on assets linked to this site. 

Shipping Options

Use the Shipping Options to create predefined shipping services this site supports internally or to clients.  These options can be configured by territory, shipping service and providers, and rates. 

Add new shipping services:


Each site can contain multiple rooms that can integrated with automated environmental monitoring. Assets can be linked directly to rooms for added organization. 

Select the "Add Room" button to add a new room to this site, or click on the room name to edit the room information. Within each room, stations can be used for added granularity.  A station must exist within a room, and can only be added from this screen, however stations can be modified or managed in the "Stations" tab below. You may also link an environmental sensor to update Environmental Conditions within this room either manually or automatically when appropriately integrated.  For more information about automated sensor integration please contact a member of the Qualer support team at (858)223-1560.


Assets used to record data for calibrations can be assigned as "Tools" to be used when fulfilling an order. Tools are selected from the calibration fulfillment interface and, when used as a reference for recording data, will track and display the compliance status of the tool on the appropriate certificates.   

To add an asset as a tool, the asset must first be registered and assigned the to site in which the tool is stored and/or used. (Note: product categories link the tool to the correct reference standards.) To add the tool to a Site, simply select the appropriate reference standard and click "Add New Tool" to list all the associated assets.  Select the asset you wish to add to this Site by checking the correct boxes.  

Configure the tool by clicking on the Model Name from the list of all registered tools. Confirm that the compliance information is correct and up-to-date. Optionally, you can assign this tool to a specific station, user, or uncertainty budget in the "Assignment" tab of the Tool Configuration screen. Information about Tool Range can be found here: Tool Range


Stations are used to break down even further within each Site's rooms. A list of all the stations is displayed in the "Stations" tab, and can be used to review the organization of the rooms and the tools within the room.  

For more details and to edit or remove a station, click on the station name: 

It is a must to add/ select a tool for the station name to appear. Should you not see the station name, assign the tools by clicking ‘Asset Manager’ > select the asset by clicking on the ‘Serial # / Asset Tag / Asset User / Equipment id' >Edit > click ‘Location’ tab. Now select Room and station from the drop down, respectively.


Automatically calculate your uncertainty for each measurement taken in the calibration interface by adding and managing uncertainty budgets for each Site. Create an uncertainty budget in Qualer by selecting the measurement type and clicking "Add Uncertainty Budget."   

Define the unit of measurement and all other factors by clicking through each tab by filling in the appropriate fields.